Forever Young BBL

The BBL treatment is your best light-based skin rejuvenation option if you’ve tried every possible remedies out there but still not getting the results you want with the following skin concerns and woes:

Forever Young BBL

  • Texture problems: fine lines, deep lines, wrinkles, large pores
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Sun-damaged skin (freckles may be sexy but brown and red spots aren’t!)
  • Vascular lesions: facial veins, rosacea, hemangiomas, angiomas
  • Acne, rosacea
  • Unwanted hair loss


Before and After

3 years post 7 tx, courtesy of Swan Dermatology & Aesthetics
Treatment 1-3: 515 nm filter, 10-12 J/cm2, 20 ms, 25 ̊C Cooling, 2 Passes (Full Face & Spot)
Treatment 1-7: 560 nm filter, 9-11 J/cm2, 10-15 ms, 15 ̊C Cooling, 2 Passes (Full Face & Spot)

Other Extraordinary Benefits of BBL Treatment

  • You can resume your normal activities immediately post-treatment.
  • You get long-lasting results.
  • It’s an ultra-fast treatment: Average treatment time of 12-15 minutes for a full face.
  • It’s effective on all body areas: Face, neck, chest, arms, and hands.
  • A safe and effective non-medication treatment for active acne in skin of all ages.
  • Predictable outcomes due to advanced, more controlled precision.
  • Safer due to controlled precision. Each skin condition has its own corresponding wavelength.

Curious if BBL is the right treatment for your skin aging problems?

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What is BBL?

Broadband Light or BBL is a high intensity light whose frequency is controlled to transfer heat to the skin. A BBL treatment involves the treatment of a wide range of cosmetic issues that includes fine wrinkles, and rough or uneven skin texture by using BBL laser technology.

The BBL Treatment Procedure

In a BBL treatment, infrared and visible high intensity light frequencies are directed to the skin’s upper layers in an attempt to heal areas that are affected by one or more cosmetic issues. Areas such as the hands, chest, and face can be targeted. The skin cells of the targeted areas are damaged by the applied light and an immune response is triggered as a consequence and the skin attempts to repair itself. As more and more collagen and elastin are created, the skin in and around the targeted areas gradually heal and tighten.

If a particular treatment is carried out successfully, the patient’s skin will not be scarred or wounded through the exposure to controlled damage. It’s important for patients to remember that any underlying medical conditions that may be causing the cosmetic issues will not be treated through the BBL treatment.

Potential side effects

BBL treatments don’t affect all patients in the same way. Before you undergo a BBL treatment, we recommend you consult your doctor, as the treatment will not resolve any underlying medical issues triggering skin problems. So, patients are advised to first make sure that their cosmetic troubles are not caused by an unknown medical conditions.

What to Expect After Your BBL Treatment

  • Swelling
  • Slight reddening of the treated area(s) of the skin

The reddening and the swelling may be visible for a few days post-treatment. If they don’t go away on their own, you should schedule another appointment and get yourself checked. After completion of the treatment, you shouldn’t expose the treated areas to the sun for a few days, as they are likely to be sensitive for some time after the procedure.