LightSheer Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair RemovalThe most common and traditional methods of hair removal, are waxing, plucking, and shaving. Unfortunately, these methods can be painful and have to be repeated over and over again every few days. Waxing is extremely painful, and can even cause irritation and inflammation to the skin. Not to forget, waxing even one part of our body can create a huge mess. On the other hand, plucking is painful and rather time consuming at the same time. Shaving can lead to harming your skin, by promoting the growth of ingrown hairs, and can even irritate your skin.

LightSheer Laser Hair Removal is an incredibly popular procedure because of how simple and effective it is. It can lead to the permanent reduction of hair growth on the body through the use of a laser diode technology. This technology has been clinically approved and is the most painless and effective way to get rid of body hair.

Now, let us come to the most important question,

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

During your laser hair removal, a handpiece with a diode laser is used to target a certain section of the skin. The section of the skin that is targeted has the hair follicles in it damaged to prevent future hair growth. The surrounding skin does not undergo any damage in this process.

Hair growth is not the same for every client. In order to provide clients with a treatment customized and suited for them, there are two available wavelengths and handpieces. The best option will differ from one client to another, depending upon their skin type, hair growth rate, and other factors.

LightSheer Laser Hair Removal also employs two different state-of-the-art technologies, to provide the best possible services to its clients:

1. High Speed Vacuum Assistance – This technology is used when the area in question is larger, and not sensitive. For example, hair on the legs may be removed by this treatment. This does not require the skin to be prepared carefully beforehand. It is also the quicker process of the two.

2. ChillTip Sapphire Technology – This technology is used when the targeted area is rather small and sensitive. For example, underarm and bikini line hair growth may be targeted through this technology. The skin is also prepared carefully beforehand. To provide the client with the best results may be relatively more time-consuming than the other.

Laser Hair Removal Results

After several treatments with LightSheer Laser Hair Removal, all of our clients have observed a reduction in the rate of hair growth on their body. As the laser damages the hair follicles repeatedly, the growth of hair is significantly reduced. This is also achieved in a completely painless manner.

For some clients, the hair will fall off the follicles almost immediately. For a few clients it may take the hair a couple days to fall off. Both of these situations are completely normal.

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