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Quartz Sand Therapy

Quartz Sand TherapyQuartz sand therapy is derived from an ancient Greek treatment called psammotherapy. This treatment is known to eliminate tension and has been proven therapeutic for individuals with rheumatic and muscular conditions. It also has the power to improve circulation, metabolism, and the immune system.

Natural alpha quartz sand subtly wraps the body, providing optimal warmth complemented by hot quartz poultice massage and balanced singing bowl meditation to provide a relaxing experience and alleviate discomfort.

Elevate your spa experience with the warmth and healing benefits of quartz sand. Based on hot sand therapy, this unique treatment provides a full-body experience integrating the multiple benefits of sand therapy, aromatherapy, inversion therapy, and massage therapy. Quartz sand cradles and contours the body exquisitely to alleviate any discomfort by creating a cocoon effect and surrounding the limbs with warm sand. The sand itself transports the warmth slowly and gently to the whole body and stimulates your skin and ensures increased blood circulation to the dermal tissues.

Quartz Sand TherapyThis wellness experience is performed by adding heated sand poultices, warm, fragrant oil, and Tibetan singing bowls. Using synchronized, gentle pressure massage techniques with the heat-retaining poultices targets specific reflex zones of the body while also stimulating the temperature of the skin. It works on the entire energy flow of the body to enhance muscle relaxation, release energy blockages, and positively affect the internal organs. The singing bowls begin and end this experience by providing a deeps sense of tranquility, mental clarity, and balanced chakras.

Who Should Undergo Quartz Sand Therapy?

Quartz sand therapy is beneficial to men and women who want to ease muscle pain and experience therapeutic relaxation. Individuals who want to calm their minds and rest their bodies through a curative massage may undergo this therapy.

How Is Quartz Sand Therapy Done?

At the start of your therapy treatment, you will be assisted to lying on a table filled with alpha quartz sand. The sand will exquisitely envelop your body. One of our experienced staff members will ask you to inhale a relaxing aroma of essential oils. They will then place the singing bowls on your back. The bowls will be struck to produce vibrations that will initiate the meditation.

You will then be massaged using fragrant oil. Poultices will be heated to an optimal temperature and will be applied to areas with muscle pain. The therapeutic journey will progress from top to toe before you are turned over to repeat the techniques on your front.

Quartz Sand Therapy

Swedish Massage Warm Quartz Experience
50 min $150
Ultimate Quartz Treatment
80 min $225

It was great!

Just had my first ever massage! It was great! I’m also 33 weeks pregnant and was accommodated perfectly!


How Much Does a Quartz Sand Therapy Costs

The cost of this therapy will depend on several factors. The price can be affected by body type, type of technique performed, surgical complications, and even allergies. Find out more by scheduling a consultation.

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