Urinary incontinence can be an embarrassing and difficult condition to deal with. Something as simple as laughing, sneezing, or coughing can result in an accident. There are also times when you have a sudden and intense urge to go but are unable to reach the toilet.

Losing control of your bladder can be a major detriment to your quality of life. If you don’t want to continue living your life in this manner, you can find the long-term relief from urinary incontinence you are looking for in Emsella.

Emsella – The Solution to Incontinence

Emsella is a completely non-surgical and non-invasive and revolutionary procedure that can provide women of all ages suffering from urinary incontinence with the relief they need. Emsella strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor using high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology to help restore your control over your bladder. Emsella is FDA-approved and offers treatments that are safe and pain free.

Relax While Emsella Works Its Magic

Once you undergo this treatment, you will notice a considerable improvement in your bladder control. How does Emsella bring about this change in your body? It uses the power of electromagnetic technology to stimulate and strengthen your pelvic muscles. The muscles along the pelvic floor experience supramaximal contractions thousands of times during every session, strengthening the muscles and restoring control over the bladder.

The Emsella treatment process is incredibly simple. All you have to do is sit in a special chair the delivers the electromagnetic energy to the pelvic muscles. You can listen to music, watch videos and TV shows, or read the latest magazine for the next 30 minutes. The best part – you don’t even have to remove your clothes thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Recovering from Your Emsella Treatment

Since Emsella is non-invasive, you never have to take time off work or your personal life. After the completion of your treatment you can go back to your regular activities because there is no downtime.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are suffering from urinary incontinence, contact U Med Spa today to schedule an appointment. Our team can let you know if Emsella is the right choice for you and can provide you with excellent care.