Infrared Sauna

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An infrared sauna in Kearney can offer the same benefits as a traditional sauna, but without the unbearable heat. It helps you feel relaxed, offers relief from aching muscles, and improves your well-being.

What Is an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared saunas use electromagnetic radiation to deliver heat directly to the body. The infrared panels emit a lower temperature compared to conventional saunas. It heats up the body before it heats the air, offering better absorption without the extreme temperatures. It allows you to sweat more while staying longer in a tolerable environment.

Generally, no eye protection is needed during an infrared sauna session. The settings on the sauna are low enough to not pose any threat to the eyes.

Ideal Candidates for Infrared Sauna Treatments

If you want to alleviate chronic fatigue and high blood pressure, you can benefit from regular infrared sauna visits. If you are recovering from intense exercise sessions, infrared saunas can also relieve muscle soreness. If you suffer from joint pain, you are also a good candidate for infrared sauna treatments.

Pregnant women and people with heart illnesses must discuss these conditions during their consultation. If you are ill or have a fever, it is best to wait until you feel better before going to an infrared sauna. Also, this treatment may not be recommended for you if you have sensitivities to high temperatures.

Your Consultation

Your consultation at U Med Spa will determine whether or not you are suitable for an infrared sauna treatment. Our skincare experts will evaluate your physical health and existing illnesses. Tell them about your concerns and your goals for the treatment. It is important to keep a positive attitude and an open mind.

Your Infrared Sauna Treatment Session

Our skincare experts will assist you with your infrared sauna session. Some people prefer to go in naked, while others prefer to wear swimsuits. Before you go in, you will need to hydrate and drink plenty of water.

If it is your first time, you can start with 10 to 15 minutes inside the sauna. Every time you come back in for another session, you can add more time until you reach the recommended 25 to 30 minutes. Be careful not to stay too long or you may become dehydrated. When your session is done, let your body cool down. It is recommended for you to take a shower afterwards.

The recommended number of sauna treatments in a week is three to four sessions. However, if your body can tolerate more than that without any issues, daily sauna treatments may be acceptable.

How Much Does an Infrared Sauna Treatment Cost?

Depending on the spa services and packages, the cost of an infrared sauna session varies from med spa to med spa. The total price is also impacted by any other services done together with the sauna session.

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